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CV Writing Tips

Today, because job seekers are having nightmares finding the right jobs that suit their skills and talents, finding the right people to help you is vital to minimize search risks. Your CV is the most important thing that makes you noticeable by clients. Follow the kiss rule Keep It Simple & Slick. Be consistent with fonts and make sure there are no grammatical errors and full stops are exactly where they should be. When you apply please attach a copy of your CV and Photo.

Preparing a good CV is crucial in order to get noticed by recruiters or potential employers.

CV Layout

Contact Details
-Name, address, email and preferred telephone number must feature prominently on the top of your CV and summary details (Name, email and phone number) on every page in the header or footer.

Profile (Strengths, hobbies, Attributes )
- Summarize your key strengths and list your most impressive achievements.

Qualifications & Education
-Give full and abbreviated titles. State if incomplete or ongoing

Employment History
-Give enough relevant information about your previous employers and projects to interest the reader. The best CVs summarize a wealth of knowledge and experience in a concise and engaging fashion.

-It is adequate to state ‘Available on Request’ at the end. However, if you have already made enquiries and know who is happy to be a referee, it is worth adding them now. Recent references are most appropriate in normal circumstances.

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Interview Tips


Be PREPARED: Gather some background information on the company, do your research, most companies have websites.
Check the time, date and interview location. Estimate the time it will take for you to arrive 10 minutes before you are expected.
Know who you are meeting and what their position is.
Dress appropriately to create the correct first impression.

The Interview

Do not expect your experience/qualifications alone to secure employment. Personality is important; be positive, confident, honest and open.
Know your CV and be prepared to answer questions about your current & previous employers, as well as about you as an individual.
If you don’t understand the question, ask the Interviewer either rephrase or repeat the question. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so.
Project your enthusiasm, sit up straight, smile and use eye contact with all interviewers.

Additional Advice

If you are not sure about any parts of the job or company, ask.
If you are asked what salary you are looking for, state exactly how much you require, which must be higher than your minimum to allow room for negotiations.
If you are asked whether you are interested in the position, unless you are very definitely not, always answer yes